The Digistory is a fun online collaboration where anyone and everyone can join in and create a story based on the Shakespearean theme, we are such stuff as dreams are made on. The City Campus Writing Centre team have written the first and last line of the story, so go on and get creative:

The #DIGISTORY begins:

Sarah  sighed when she learnt of Xolani’s death, especially considering the way his life ended. He was not stupid, but rather quick-witted and …



img_1218 img_1219 img_1220 img_1221img_1225 img_1226 img_1227 img_1228 img_1247 img_1248 img_1249 img_1250 img_1251 img_1252 img_1253 img_1255

And ends:

So wise, so young, they say, do never live long


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